Kelly's Tan & Nail Bar - Look great, feel amazing, all year round!
For the boys…. 
Over recent years male grooming has become much more popular…...and too right!! Who wouldn’t want to look their best? Here at Kelly’s you will find us very accommodating, we are a unisex salon and offer a wide range of treatments for men, provided by male and female therapists.  
Male Facial
60mins £30.00
A facial customised to the specific needs of male skin. You skin will be cleansed, toned, exfoliated, moisturised, and rehydrated with a mask. With the combined effect of acupressure and lymphatic drainage massage circulation, muscle tone and complexion is improved. leaving your skin looking brighter and clearer.

Male Nail Care 
Nails will be trimmed and shaped, cuticles tidied up and hands massaged with a lotion to rehydrate the skin and to release any tension present in the area.
During this foot treatment, the feet are soaked to soften the skin before the toe nails are cut and shaped. The cuticles are neatened, and the skin of the feet and lower legs is exfoliated. All before a massage to hydrate the skin and release any tension present in the area. 
Male waxing 
Waxing is a fast and effective way of removing unwanted body hair.
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